Join us in Philadelphia for the Nineveh Conference – October 6-8, 2022

Rev. Bryan Long, Director of Church Multiplication

If you were at the Annual Gathering, you heard that a few days prior my father suffered a sudden heart attack and passed away within 24 hours. He was a big fan of the CCCC and the Nineveh Network. He was coaching two of our church planters and planned to be with us at the Annual Gathering. I was set to give one of the plenary sessions with him in attendance. The theme of the message was passing on a heritage of faith to the next generation. This hits home for me, because my family does not come from a historic line of faithful Jesus followers – we come from a line of alcoholics, womanizers, deadbeats. Then one night in the summer of 1971, Jesus appeared to a 16-year-old kid, my father, and said: “I will write a new story with your family and redeem your line.” A generational curse was broken and a heritage of faith was born…

The question is: What does it look like to pass on a heritage of faith to the next generation of the CCCC? The Nineveh Network is a collection of many of the young pastors in the conference. This group will be the leaders of the denomination someday. What role will you play in raising them up?

I believe it starts in little ways. In going through some of my dad’s files, I came across his reflections after his last sabbatical. The theme of the trip was “Looking Back to Look Forward” and they spent three months visiting every significant place of spiritual impact and family history. He ran into a lot of people from the past who told him how he impacted their lives. Many of them he did not have a deep relationship with; others he didn’t remember at all. And yet at some point he showed them love in a little way. He wrote: “Show love in little ways generously and often. It’s the little things that people remember and those little things change the world…”

Here’s a little thing – Join us in Philadelphia, PA on October 6-8 for the Nineveh Network Conference. The event is designed to encourage and connect friends from across the CCCC. Come spend time with the next generation. Hear their stories. Worship with them. Pray with them. See what the Holy Spirit will do… Those little things change the world…

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