Northeast Region Update

Rev. Paul McPheeters, Northeast Regional Minister

My first month “on the job” and I am loving it already! The Annual Gathering in Rhode Island was a highlight of this first month. Being officially “installed” as the Regional Pastor, with Terry Shanahan and my new “teammates,” Tim Dubeau, Phil Noordmans, and Ray DeLaurier all laying hands on me while Ron Hamilton led in prayer was a moving experience I will never forget. But I also greatly appreciated the opportunity I had to connect with so many of the pastors and churches I now have the privilege of serving; and reconnect with so many friends from all over the country who I have dearly missed seeing the past couple of summers.

However, even before the Annual Gathering, I was invited by Pastor Mike Haddad, our Area Minister for Vermont, to come up and join him in presenting the CCCC’s to three churches in his area that are considering joining the Conference. So on a beautiful day in early July, I had the opportunity to drive up to the “Northeast Kingdom” of Vermont to spend a couple days with Mike and his family, and discover some of the  wonderful ways in which God is moving in their region.

Finally, my wife, Nancy, and I have also started visiting different CCCC churches in our area each Sunday for worship. After pastoring for 39 years in one church, it has been a whole new experience to worship in different churches each week, and be on the receiving end of preaching! We have found that the Conference has some very good preachers in New England, and some very good worship teams leading worship, too!

It’s a joy to serve God and the Conference in this new role.

Rev. Paul McPheeters

Board of Directors Update
Join us in Philadelphia for the Nineveh Conference - October 6-8, 2022