Greetings from the Mile High City

Scott Nice, CCCC Vice-President

For the first time in 18 months the Board of Directors was able to gather together in person! We met in the “mile high” city Denver, Colorado to conduct the business of the Conference. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah! What a joy and blessing it was to be able to not just conduct the business of the Conference, but to share “life on life” with some of the best and brightest in our fellowship — catching up, carrying each other’s burdens, encouraging each other, and sharing a laugh or two along the way! 

Monday night we spent time in “believing and intercessory praying,” lifting up prayers for each other, our families, churches, and all of you! Each morning we began by turning to the Word of God. President Alvin Helms and I shared concerning our second guiding value, “healthy pastors.” We were reminded of God’s glory and majesty, His sovereignty and providence, and that He is at work in us and through us, despite ourselves and the current challenges of ministry. What a joy to be a part of a Conference that holds high Holy Scripture!

We were encouraged to hear from our Ministry Staff: Ron Hamilton, John Kimball, Bryan Long, and Peter Wood. Additionally, each of our Regional Pastors, Tim Dubeau, Phil Noordmans, Terry Shanahan, and Ray DeLaurier, reported on “the work of the Lord” in their respective regions. Each and every one of our regions are beginning to experience the fruit that the folks in New England have experienced under the faithful leadership of Terry. To have leadership so obviously called and equipped by God to do the work of the Kingdom in their own particular areas of ministry is surely something worthy of praise to our God and King. 

After the Board meetings concluded, a number of the Officers and Board members were able to plug into the Nineveh Project, the Church planters’ conference taking place just a few miles down the road. We were encouraged, once again, around the Word of God! Planters from around our Conference, as well as some pursuing opportunities with the CCCC, were spurred on by Bryan Long, Director of Church Multiplication, local musicians and speakers, and host pastor, Brandon Goad. We certainly were fed well spiritually, as well as physically. A free day was made available to set out on some local adventures, where some headed out to the Garden of the Gods & Manitou Springs, Red Rocks Amphitheater or St. Mary’s Glacier. Two of us opted to hit the links! Can you guess who?

We thank you, the member ministers and fellow co-laborers in Gospel ministry, for all of your encouragement, faithfulness, and support, as we love God, serve others, and make disciples around the globe!

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