The Value of Coaching

John Kimball, CCCC Director of Church Development

Whether talking about Church planting, revitalization or simple improvements to everyday ministry, there is tremendous value for pastors to have a well-trained coach. In our Church Development process, we utilize both coaching and mentoring. While these have similarities, there are important differences. Whereas a mentor has more experience and likely resources that can be invested in a pastor for both personal and ministry improvement, a coach comes alongside the pastor and draws out answers and improvements from within.

The CCCC Church Development Team is again planning a specialized training this winter. We will offer our usual Natural Church Development Coach Training, giving participants the chance to become certified in the NCD process. But now we will follow that up with formal coach training providing tactics, tools and best practices for all kinds of coaching relationships. This is a great opportunity for retirees and others with several years of ministry experience to have a profound impact on our pastors and other leaders.

As the number of pastors and churches progressing through our Church Development process continues to increase, the need for well-trained coaches is growing. The upcoming training event will prepare member CCCC pastors and others to lead churches through NCD assessment and implementation, walk alongside churches in our wider Church Development Process, and offer personal coaching to other pastors who simply need the wisdom of a sounding board. Be watching the FORESEE Update for more information! 

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