Nineveh Conference Update

Bryan Long, CCCC Director of Church Multiplication

In February 2020, the Church Multiplication Committee was sitting around a table at Red Robins in Orlando, Florida dreaming about the next Nineveh Network Conference that fall. We made plans, set the date, and got excited.

And then COVID hit…

Yet, we were hopeful we could still pull it off. My famous last words were: “By October [2020] surely this whole COVID thing would be in the past!”

Well, you know the rest of the story. It’s been 18 months. Honestly, it’s been some of the hardest months in my ministry. I don’t know about you, but in my congregation, there is a palpable, collective exhaustion. So, when we were finally able to gather for the Nineveh Network Conference a few weeks ago, the collateral damage on our pastoral leaders was evident.

We had people worried about losing their church…

We had people facing social inequality head on…

We had people overwhelmed and inadequate…

We had people anxious and lonely…

We had people burdened by all the conflict…

We had people burnt out…

Our goal over those three days was to create space for people to put aside the pontification and posturing to authentically connect, lament and encourage one another. We wanted our leaders to experience the power of the gospel for themselves, so that they might identify the needs in their community and bring a holistic gospel back. What we experienced in those three days was a holy moment – passionate worship, reconciliation, tears, conversations late into the night.

One of our church planters and CCCC board members, Joe Marlin, wrote about his experience in a recent blog post, saying: “I came away more encouraged than ever, and wanted to write why I personally am thankful for the 4C’s.” You can read the rest of his article here.

Here’s what others had to say:

“It was much more than a conference for church planters and those interested in church planting…It was about revival”

“I love this network and the people involved. We’re small, but Jesus is at the heart of everything the CCCC does, and God has a great future for our family of churches.”

“Last night I was blessed to share at The Nineveh Network Conference. God is doing incredible things through this faithful network to plant and replant churches all across the U.S.”

“Great times with my CCCC’s brothers and sisters. God is doing such great things through our little (and growing) network and I’m more hopeful about and excited for our future than ever!”

“Anointed worship, engaging speakers and a multitude of personal connections all have been used by God to fill my tank once again…”

It was a special and encouraging time for all who were there. Continue to pray for our church planters and all those in our conference who are actively involved in church multiplication and consider joining us next fall for the Nineveh Network Conference 2022!

If you’re interested in hearing more, I’d love to start the conversation.

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