Momentum… and More!


As we move into the weeks and months that will make up the year 2017, the Church Multiplication Movement is broadening the tent and including more people. We are contacting and assessing multiple new church planters. There are additional churches considering the bold choice to plant daughter churches or to give their facilities as legacy gifts to secure the future of their mission in different hands.

The Church Multiplication Movement stretches beyond planters alone. Behind the planters are trainers, assessors, coaches, hub leaders, and a committee. We are training new assessors, adding trainers, and helping more people figure out how to coach. The efforts of all of those people make a positive difference in our ability to plant churches.

As we broaden the Church Multiplication Movement more people are involved. More people bring more prayers, more help, more connections, and more resources. That makes it all the more likely that we will fulfill our vision of seeing 50% of the churches in the Conference being healthy, disciple-making congregations started in the 21st century.

As I observe the vitality of the Church Multiplication Movement these days, it makes me think of our local churches. They grow as well when we broaden the movement. Adding people who help us to make disciples makes it possible for local churches to grow. More people helping children follow Jesus, more people helping more students follow Jesus, more people leading more small groups, and more people doing more outreach always blesses and grows the Kingdom of God expressed through the local church.

How can you broaden the movement around you? How can you lead people you know to become part of the enterprise of making disciples? The start of a new year is a great time to plan for a bigger future ahead…. and more!

Seven Mile: February 2017
Faith Over Fear