Board of Directors Update


A season of challenge reminds us of the choices before us. We believe in the providence of God and know He has allowed such a season. There are only a few alternatives in such a season: choose to worry and fret; choose to become cynical and apathetic; or choose to engage in a God-honoring way through the crisis. Our CCCC leadership team is moving forward with the decision to engage our world in a way that honors God and advances His mission.

A call to mission amid a messy world continues to be the heartbeat of the CCCC leaders, staff, and board as we gather and conduct the business of the Conference. Each time we meet there are testimonies of encouragement regarding CCCC churches and members who are making disciples and advancing God’s mission in creative ways. Increasing numbers of the CCCC family are engaged in this challenging season in making disciples who make disciples. The board continues to focus on our vision and values and encourage more of our family to remember our mission of making disciples across the street and across the seas.

The board would like to encourage all our ministers and churches to join us as we choose to engage together in advancing the mission that the Lord has placed on our hearts in recent years. If your church has not accepted the 2% Challenge, please talk to your leaders about our vision to expand our ministry to ministers and churches through the ministry of Regional Pastors. This vision is already bearing much fruit in parts of the country that have needed this encouragement for years. If you are new to the Conference begin making plans now to send some representatives from your church to the Annual Gathering in Rhode Island next summer. It is a great setting to grasp the mission and vision of the CCCC.

Finally, I am amazed and encouraged by our newest board members: David Bodanza, Gayle Buford, Joe Marlin, and David McKinley. Their unique gifts and perspectives that will add to those already serving the needs of the Conference as we seek to move forward in God’s preferred future for the CCCC. As we close out a year that we will never forget we choose to focus on the glory and greatness of our great God instead of temporal challenges that come and go throughout history. We remember the words of Frances Havergal the hymnist who wrote: “Stayed upon Jehovah, hearts are fully blessed; finding as He promised, perfect peace and rest. Those who trust Him wholly find Him wholly true.”

5 Year Strategic Planning Committee Report
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