Staying in Touch


I have been a member minister in the CCCC since 1970. I received a letter from the Conference Minister informing me of my acceptance as a Licensed Minister. That was first official contact that I had from the CCCC. It is amazing to see how communication from the Conference has changed over the years.

The name of the newsletter, the Foresee, has not changed. But the format is vastly different today than it was years ago. I used to receive a printed hard copy of the newsletter monthly. The church that I served would receive a bundle of 50 hard copies to distribute to the church. Today, I receive a weekly Foresee Update via email with short notices on the life and ministry of the CCCC. I also receive a bi-monthly reminder that the full Foresee newsletter is available for download.

The annual CCCC Yearbook used to be sent via bulk mail each year to my home address. While the content is similar, the yearbook is now available for download on the CCCC website. I keep a copy on the desktop of my computer for reference about the names of members ministers and churches in our fellowship. The yearbook is revised twice a year. Once in August after the action items have been voted on at the Delegates meeting, and in January after the annual Ministerial Questionnaires and Church Surveys have been completed. The January edition can be purchased from the CCCC ministry resources partner, Next Step Resources.

The annual meeting program was previously mailed to my home each spring. The schedule and registration form were enclosed. Today, I receive an email telling me that the information is available on the CCCC website and registration can be completed online. A bulky black and white Annual Report has been replaced by attractive downloadable reports, and video reports have been added this year.

I notice that a year-end financial appeal is mailed to my home address each year. That is the way it has always been and probably will always be. The Treasurer and Finance Committee want to be sure that I understand the need to financially support the CCCC on a regular basis.

Despite the changes in the vehicles of communication, my responsibility remains the same. I must read what I receive and remember to pray for the Conference. I need to keep the CCCC updated on my current contact information. I have to remind myself of deadlines for registration and submitting my annual questionnaire.

I am grateful for the various forms of communication that are available to Conference members. Please join me in doing your part to take full advantage of this information.

CCCC Communication
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