CCCC Communication

Committed to Connecting with You

Our Conference has long been committed to communication with our members and member churches.  The means we have used have changed over time but the desire to connect and share life-on-life is part of who we are.

The unprecedented events of 2020 have moved us to employ social media, web conferencing and email more than ever. Because we are relying more and more on email to reach out to our members, we are in the process of a data audit to purge and update our email lists. In doing so we have identified duplicate emails, as well as obsolete and erroneous information for many of our credentialed members. Therefore, we are asking you to be diligent to reply to the questionnaires and surveys this fall, paying special attention to providing us with correct contact information, especially one KEY email address that we will use to communicate with you.

We are also aware that some of our credential members are not on our lists or have unsubscribed. We will be adding the information we currently have and updating with the changes submitted on the fall questionnaires and surveys as they are filled out and returned to the office.


Our regular communication includes:

Weekly FORESEE UpDates containing news and stories about what God is doing in our midst

Bimonthly FORESEE newsletter with expanded reports; also available as a pdf so it can be downloaded to distribute in your churches; or the online version can be linked to websites and included in newsletters

Regular correspondence regarding the Annual Gathering, commencing at the beginning of the year and continuing until the conference is held

Critical notifications for credentialed members regarding membership, significant issues: i.e., staff changes, major initiatives, etc. (occurring annually in the fall and randomly timed depending on circumstances.)

These electronic messages are supplemented with regular USPS mailings. (Please be sure we have your correct mailing address too, especially if you are not receiving any CCCC correspondence in the postal mail.)

We understand that there are circumstances where you do not wish to receive all of these emails. Please understand however, because of protocols dictated by the email service provider, if you unsubscribe using the links in the footer of any of the email messages you are removed from all lists and will no longer receive any CCCC notifications. Instead, please contact the Home Office to let us know that you wish only to receive the critical information necessary for credentialed members.

The staff and office personnel are working hard to stay in fellowship and communion with our members and member churches. We invite you to help and participate as together we enhance our communication and strengthen our Conference to love God, love one another, and as we go, make disciples!

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