“Faith on Facebook” and Other Online Resources

As the restrictions for gathering resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic continue, the number of pastors and churches turning to online resources for communicating and connecting with their congregations is increasing.

Church leaders and members alike are learning new skills in order to reach out and to stay in touch while social distancing mandates are in place.

As you search for available online resources, an option that you don’t want to overlook is the CCCC Resource Sharing Dropbox. This is a repository of presentations, training materials, documents, templates, policies, etc., where you can access already created resources available to CCCC members to use for free. It is also a place where you can upload materials you have created that others might employ.

Newly added to the CCCC dropbox is a “Faith on Facebook Toolkit” created by Shea Fitzgibbons of Hope Community Church in Newburyport, MA.

The CCCC Resource Sharing Dropbox continues to grow. It is full of many great FREE resources available to CCCC members and member churches, all of which you can download and adapt to your particular needs.

A updated video to instruct you about joining and using the Dropbox has recently been posted on the website under the Resources tab. Go to: www.ccccusa.com/resources/resource-sharing/.

Joining the Dropbox is easy! You will need to create a free Dropbox account: go to Dropbox.com to set it up. Then send us an email using the same email address that you used for your Dropbox account so that we can add you to the folder. We’ll include you and you’ll be all set.

We’d love for every CCCC pastor/church or a representative from every church led by CCCC pastors to join the folder. Email ccccresourcesharing@gmail.com with your request to join and start taking advantage of all that’s available in the folder while participating in the shared life and ministry of the CCCC.

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