Curbside Prayer


Pastor Alvin Helms mentioned in his Easter message,”…one of the most encouraging things for me to see as a pastor…to see this local church rise up and serve our city, serve one another, serve the church family, it’s been a great blessing for me.”

In this time of social distancing, God continues to work in many different ways. The idea for “Drive-Thru prayer” was introduced by Pastor Alvin to the Care Prayer Team. Curbside food…why not prayer?

The team was put together to brainstorm, via texted prayers and zoom meetings.  Details were discussed: signage, banners, resources to hand out, scheduling dates and times, at least 2 people on board to pray…Curbside Prayer was birthed.

The first scheduled time was a Tuesday morning. Eight prayer warriors showed up to serve in the fog and drizzle. As the hour passed, we got many honks and our first couple drove up for prayer and to encourage us!

The second time was a cold, and windy, Thursday evening, too windy for our banner and resources to withstand. About the same number of warriors showed up. This time a new idea was to have some of us outside accepting prayer requests and praying with the participants that drove up, then passing the prayer requests indoors for others to continue to pray. These requests even went home for others to bring before the Lord.

We had many more participants this evening! One person said, “I have been in isolation and lonely, starting to feel depressed, but I knew you would be out here, so I forced myself to come, now I feel so much better!” This is for the one person that needs us today!

The plan now is to continue to offer this service twice a week. Once in the morning, and once in the evening.

Even though we are not meeting for weekly services in the church building, the real church is continuing to find ways to be the hands and feet of Jesus. We’re not taking a break from “church” and saying, “See you later when this crisis is over,” but stepping out in faith to follow Jesus’ leading.

Where do you see God working in your life?

What is the Lord asking you to do?

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