An Update from Northern Wisconsin

The Dewing family, CCCC international workers serving with Midwest indian mission

First of all we would like to thank you for all your prayers, thoughts, ministry and financial support. We are a team and even if you are not able to join us working side-by-side on the reservations, we are working hand-in-hand to further the growth of His kingdom one way or another. We would have a hard time doing this ministry if we didn’t have individuals and churches coming together to support us.

Just a quick recap of the things that are happening here in Northern Wisconsin as well as things that have been on our hearts:

  • I am still teaching Sunday school and we are currently going through the life of Christ. The kids have been memorizing verses and working on their prayer time. …
  • We are thankful we have groups coming to help as well as send support for our fundraising efforts.
  • Once again this school year I was able to drive a school bus for one of the reservations. God has used this to do wonderful things for our ministry! It has been wonderful to be able to see kids 4k-12th grade every day, twice a day. We couldn’t be more excited about that!

Native America needs prayer, hope, encouragement, love, support and most of all Jesus. If you would like us to share a few things to give you a detailed outlook on what to pray for in the months ahead please email us. We believe in our call from the Lord to be here. We fight in His name to share The Word with the lost, and show them they are not alone. We pour every bit of ourselves into them because we care, love them and know there is a Savior that will change their life and bring them eternal life. We are in the battle, showing these kids that there is hope in Jesus and we still push forward even with the struggles that come from that. We are thankful the Lord is using us in places most are unaware of and where most choose to look away.

Please be in prayer for the Chippewa and Potawatomi communities, the youth and the ministry here. Please pray for our family as we serve and continue to follow in His path.

For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost –Luke 19:10

In Christ Name, Benjamin and Ashley Dewing

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