Comprehensive Church Development Coach Training


Interested in becoming a certified Church Development Coach for the CCCC? A wonderful opportunity is almost here! The Church Development Team is again hosting a comprehensive Church Development Coach training event, November 28- December 1, 2022 at the beautiful Hampton Inn-Orlando Airport in sunny Orlando, Florida. This four-day event includes full Natural Church Development (NCD) assessment training and certification, as well as the needed instruction in procedures and best practices for coaches in the CCCC Church Development Process. As with previous training events, participants can begin serving as coach and consultant after completing all requirements. NCD coaches are eligible for discounts on NCD tools and resources.
This event is open to members of the CCCC who would like to get these certifications to benefit their own ministries. Registration fees range from $100 to $450 per person depending on which level of training is pursued. Please note that we are providing significant discounts for those who will use this training to serve the CCCC Family in both Church Development and as part of our Turning Point Initiative. To learn more about the discount, be sure to contact John Kimball at the Conference office before registering.

There is still time to register and space available. For more details, and to register, click HERE.

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