Walk with a Village Church

Earlier we launched an initiative called, “Walk with a Village Church in Malawi.” As a Conference, we hope to provide partner churches for 70 village churches working for Christ where 70% of the population are Muslims.  These churches need our help! 

To give you an idea of who you would be partnering with, meet one Abusa (pastor) Gracious: 

“My name is Gracious,  I was a Muslim. One day in my village a group came with the Jesus Film. I attended without my parent’s permission.  This was the first time I heard about Jesus.  When I heard John 3:16, I knew that God loves me because of Jesus.  

When I told my parents, they were not happy. They said, “Either choose to be a Christian or Muslim.”  I chose Christian.  They forced me to leave my house and my village.  I lost everything.  No longer would my parents provide food and schooling.  My family and village no longer loved me. My situation was hard. 

However, for the last 20 years I have been a pastor.  But still there are very few Christians where I live and have my church.  In one village where I minister with my wife, there is only one family who are publicly Christians.  In spite of the obstacles, we labor for the Lord.  We have now 27 Bible studies in different villages.  Some places are dangerous.  These are remote villages and to get there we have to watch for elephants and monkeys.  Yet, I am happy that God is always by our side, he protects His children.”

Jonathan Edwards on Revival
Turning Point in Longmont, CO