REALM and MissionInsite

For the past ten years, the Home Office has used ACS Technologies for our member management and financial systems. “ACS” has become a by-word for the way that we keep information on our members and handle our income and expenses. Recently, ACS Technologies has developed Realm Office, a more robust tool to help organizations like ours stay connected to their members while providing additional resources that can meet the unique needs of our fellowship.

The Home Office staff is converting all of our membership information to Realm Office and they are now in the process of verifying data as they fully implement this system.

ACS Technologies trained our staff during this process to assist in the transition. In this implementation we have learned that Realm Office is a powerful tool that will offer some unique solutions for us in the future. We believe that this system will help us refine our communication processes as we work to stay in touch with our membership.  Members will be able to access a Realm app that will keep them updated on news and activities. It will also provide a different option for online giving. We are exploring other benefits of this system including registration for events and the annual process of updating ministerial and church contact information.

An additional benefit of the Realm Office subscription is it is now bundled with MissionInsite. This program will allow us to provide up-to-date demographic reports to our member churches. It will also assist in our ministry priority work of Church Multiplication and Church Development. We are excited about what these systems will do for us as we share life and ministry together in the CCCC.

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