Conference Sunday

We encourage all of our churches to have a Conference Sunday during the month of May. We recently sent a mailing related to Conference Sunday and included a printed resource to introduce church members to our fellowship. There are several ways that you can participate.

Include a CCCC Welcome flyer in the Sunday worship folder and pray for the Conference during the service. The flyer gives an overview of the Conference and emphasizes our ministry priorities of Church Development, Church Multiplication and Conference Care. (Additional copies are available from the Home Office.)

Invite a Conference representative to share in the service. You could also invite the Conference Minister, Regional Pastor, or Area Pastor to introduce the CCCC through a short video that can be shown in the service.

Dedicate the entire service to the Conference and share a message on the Guiding Values of the CCCC and the value of belonging to a Christ-centered Congregational fellowship.

Our former President, Nick Granitsas, shared the value of belonging to the CCCC in a quote for a stewardship promotion that we produced a few years ago.  Speaking then as the pastor of the First Congregational Church in Revere, MA, he said,

We thank the Lord for the CCCC and have been blessed to be part of it for
the past 49 years! We receive many benefits from being part of the Conference:  identification with like-minded churches and ministers, great fellowship, placement service, and the availability of advice and counsel whenever needed. However, one of the greatest benefits that we receive as a Conference member is the ability to do things through the Conference that we could not do alone:  church development, church multiplication, offering care for churches and ministers in need, and endorsement of military and civilian chaplains. Through our prayers, financial support, and people from our church getting involved in the life of the Conference, we are able to multiply our ministry.

Some of our churches take a special offering for the CCCC on Conference Sunday.  Others remind their members that their church actively supports the ministry of the CCCC in their budget.  We have at least one member church that does both. I encourage all of our member churches to celebrate their participation in the life of the CCCC by recognizing a Conference Sunday sometime in May.

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