Video News from WECF Members

First, a Christmas greeting from WECF President, Rev Mike Plant:

Then,  in response to a request for Christmas videos, WECF members from Nepal and Myanmar have sent the following videos of their church families Christmas celebrations.

This short video named “Anom e, Eiho Christmas” (Our Christmas is Joyful”) is made by Mamang Khongsai and his team urging/requesting everyone in the town to get ready, as December is near, and to celebrate Christmas with a joyful heart, even though there is lockdown and Coronavirus everywhere.

This video is basically a video to encourage and motivate people living in Manipur to celebrate Christmas without the fear of Coronavirus or anything else, and to joyfully welcome the Lord Jesus in our hearts this Christmas, as we all usually do.

Video by Mamang Khongsai and Team

Bible Recitation

Dance and songs by preschool Sunday School Children

Dance and songs School Age 

Christmas Song by Children’s Home residents in Yangon, Myanmar (below)

Two videos the newest WECF member church in Dharan, Nepal

Bethel Church, Dharan, Nepal -1

Bethel Church, Dharan Nepal -2

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