Cornerstone Corps Testimony

Pastor Andy Frudd, Lake View Community Church (LVCC)

Within a couple years of my arrival a chunk of our ceiling fell in making the need for a new roof obvious.  I have watched in awe as the small group of people from the church answered an overwhelming challenge. 

In a few years God enabled them to raise the funds needed to replace the roof on church and parsonage. Raising what amounts to almost two years’ worth of our annual budget in three years is an amazing testimony to the faithfulness of our people. Equally amazing is the time and effort that has been put in by individuals to oversee this project.  With no full-time staff, this fell on the shoulders of those in leadership positions.  They have given selflessly of their time to make this project happen.

We are also grateful for the partnership that the CCCC has offered us.  The gracious gift from the Cornerstone Corps put us over the top financially and has allowed the project to be complete.  We also are grateful for the favor of our God.  Not only did he provide the resources through His people but he protected our roof and sanctuary while the funds were being raised. God is using LVCC for his plan and purpose!

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