NE Regional News

by Terry Shanahan, NE Regional Pastor

Pastor Dave Randlett has been the Area Pastor for New Hampshire for the past 12 years. Once a month he gathers 10 to 15 pastors at his church for study, prayer and fellowship. Additionally, usually in the spring, all of the pastors and their wives meet for a dinner out. Out of this dinner gathering, a pastor wives support group has been established which is a blessing to all.

In this current season the New Hampshire pastors are going through the book Replenish, Leading From a Healthy Soul by Lance Witt. Each week a different pastor takes the teaching role and leads us through one or two chapters. We are learning together to prioritize matters of the soul, develop healthy spiritual practices, address problems that lead to burnout, create a healthy rhythm, and move toward an unhurried life. These lessons have a way of uncovering unhealthy patterns and showing us how to replace them with healthy ones.

Recently five new pastors have begun serving in our New Hampshire churches. What a blessing to be able to connect them with a mature established group that cares for the health of their ministry as well as the health of their soul. Living out guiding value number two brings health to the pastorate, health to the church and strengthens the body of Christ.

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