Online August Update for the Yearbook Available Soon

August Yearbook Update

The CCCC Yearbook online is updated twice annually, once in August to reflect changes voted on at the Annual Gathering and again in January to reflect changes recorded from the annual Questionnaires and Surveys received by Dec 31st.

The online version of the yearbook is password protected. The password is available from the HomeOffice and is included in the Fall Questionnaire mailing each year.

A convenient way to access the yearbook without having to use the password each time is to download it once and place a shortcut/alias on your computer desktop.

The August update for 2018 will be available on August 31st. Go to (available Aug 31) to download your copy. A professionally printed version will be available Jan 31, 2019 for $15 including shipping. You can order your copy at Nextstep Resources. Go to, click on the Denominational Resources link and navigate to the CCCC.

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