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We are excited for the 2018 Annual Gathering (AG) to be held at Gordon College in Wenham, MA, from July 31- August 3. Our plans for you are coming together, and we’ll let you know more once the final details are set. These plans are aligning with our mission statement: Informing, Encouraging … In Christ

One Vital Way of Encouraging and Informing you is to request your assistance!

Many of you have benefited from the resource gifts given away during the past several AGs. Some of you have asked, “How do you do it? Where do the funds come from to purchase such great things to give away?”

Well, here’s a little history lesson: Sharon Galloway, our recently retired chairperson, was instrumental in getting that ball rolling. For the last several years, she spearheaded a Pasta Dinner at the Church of The Apostles in RI, that provided funds for us to purchase items for the AG Women’s Resource Table. Last year Shirley Dubeau, following Sharon’s example, encouraged The Congregational Church of Salem, CT, to sponsor a Pancake Supper with funds going to support the Resource Table. This year, The Congregational Church of Salem’s Annual Tag and Rummage Sale will gift 25% of their proceeds for that purpose.

During our 2017 AG held in Pittsburgh, many of the women in attendance joined in the delightful luncheon provided by the Women’s Ministry of St. Peter’s Reformed Church in Zelienople, PA. We had a fabulous time of teaching (thanks, Kendra Bertoti!) and fellowship over a great luncheon. At that luncheon the offering was set aside as seed money to purchase items for the 2018 Resource Table.

During the luncheon, we mentioned that it would be wonderful if other churches’ women’s ministry teams would participate to provide either funds or items for the Resource Table. Just so our expectations are clear, the Women’s Ministry committee has developed the following Ideas and Guidelines to help those who want to help out get started. So here’s a brief rundown:

FUND-RAISE – schedule a fund-raiser and dedicate the proceeds, tithe your ministry budget, take a special offering at your next event… be creative!

DONATE/PURCHASE – unused (new) Women’s Bible study materials from your latest study, purchase books, notebooks, mugs, bags, etc. (See complete Ideas and Guidelines for details.) Assemble a resource list that includes magazines, pod-casts, websites, book reviews etc.

VETTE – Please make sure that all items are new, doctrinally aligned with the CCCC and suitable for our fellowship.

This year’s AG is only a few months away, and if you are sending FUNDS, they should be received at least 6 weeks before the AG (**June 15, 2018). If participating doesn’t work for your team THIS YEAR, please keep it in mind in planning for upcoming years.

For details on where to send donations or ship items, please click on the complete guidelines or find them on our Facebook page @CCCCWoman or on the Women’s Ministry page on the website. (We’re under the Admin & Services menu.)

There you have it! We know God wants us to keep on Informing,  Encouraging … In Christ … and we know He’ll provide the resources to do it.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact any of the Women’s Committee members:

Sharon Anderson:

Shirley Dubeau, Chair:

Diane Wood:


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