Ministerial Gatherings are Important


I have always valued interaction with fellow ministers, and I have prioritized attending ministerial meetings, including local, regional, national, and international gatherings.  When I was appointed Regional Pastor for the North Central Region of the CCCC, I especially looked forward to this opportunity. It has been my joy to attend a number of pastors’ meetings and retreats, and to meet one on one with most of our credentialed members.

The retreats have been a special blessing. Gatherings of pastors over an extended period of time bring us closer together for fellowship, worship, encouragement, and instruction.  In Minnesota, we recently met to discuss the building and maintaining of unity in a polarized society.  In Wisconsin, we met and discussed three very different presentations from three separate pastors.  In North Dakota, area pastors will focus on the common theme of “Knowing God.”

Many of our member ministers and churches are isolated from other members of the Conference, but they find other ministerial meetings to attend.  To those of you in areas where the Conference is more active, please make every effort to participate.  Each of us has much to offer and much to receive.  “Let’s us not give up meeting together.” (Heb. 10:25)

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