CCCC Welcomes Daniel Henderson to AG in Pittsburgh

We are privileged to have Daniel Henderson, Founder and President of Strategic Renewal, as our speaker at the sessions of the Annual Gathering on Tuesday, July 18.

As a Senior Pastor for over two decades, Daniel Henderson brought prayer-based revitalization to several churches. Today he is dedicating his full-time efforts to help congregations across the country experience renewal and turn-around as he speaks to thousands each year at conferences and prayer events.

Strategic Renewal “exists to ignite personal renewal, congregational revival, and leadership restoration for Christ’s glory.”  Daniel comes to us with a pastor’s heart for the church and a conviction that Jesus wants the church to be a “house of prayer” and entrusts pastors to lead the way by modeling, motivating, and training the congregation to become effective in a life-changing and enduring prayer ministry. His messages will flow from the Biblical teaching on the birth of the church and the prioritization of prayer in the life of the early church.

Daniel has authored seven books on church renewal and prayer.  He will lead two plenary sessions on Tuesday and will also lead a seminar entitle “The Seven Vital Elements of a Culture of Prayer.”

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