Life and Ministry in the Philippines

In mid-April 2016 we are scheduled to begin our 2016 trip and visit to the USA to see our family members and friends for several months after over 4 years of life and ministry service here in the Philippines. After our trip and visit to the USA we look forward to returning to our home in the Philippines and enjoying many more years of life and ministry here.
For those desiring for us to share a presentation of our life & ministry over the last 4 years here in the Philippines to your group in the USA, please let us know (email address below) soon so we can possibly include it in our schedule. We will be limiting our travel and presentations in the USA because our main focus of our 2016 USA trip is to see and visit with our family members and friends again.
Please join us to pray:

  1. Repair of plumbing in our Philippine rented home.
  2. Secure the possession and/or use of a good dependable 4×4 vehicle for travel and ministry in more remote and rugged areas of our Cordillera mountains region of the Philippines.
  3. Safe travel and good health as we visit the USA.
  4. Provision of a good dependable laptop computer for communications and presentations.
  5. Provision of cell phones for use in the USA
  6. Medical/health needs that are unavailable in the Philippines and have to be taken care of during our visit.
  7. Continue to pray that the law enforcement officials here in the Philippines will be able to apprehend the cyber criminal who penetrated our computer systems and stole our ID’S, our email contact names and addresses, fraudulently soliciting funds in our names. Although is may be a unknown hacker, it appears possible that it may have been an unethical person who serviced our computer in the past.

We are firm believers that where God leads He provides. Thanks for all your prayers.
God is faithful.
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Conference Sunday in May
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