Celebrating 75 Years in St Cloud


75 years. 7.5 decades. 27,393 days. If we divide it according to weeks, one pastor would have preached 3913 sermons in that amount of time. I am tired even thinking about trying to think of that many sermon illustrations!

75 years is a major milestone for any person or organization, and 2023 will mark the 75th anniversary of the Conservative Congregational Christian Conference. We need to acknowledge all God has done in and through our conference. God’s faithfulness deserves a celebration!

The Annual Gathering Coordinators are working closely with the team from the Avon Community Church to plan our 2023 Annual Gathering. From July 10 to 13, 2023 we will gather at the St. Cloud, Minnesota Convention Center, and Best Western Hotel to worship, learn, and network, but also to celebrate in a grand and glorious way. Details for registration will be published in late February, but please save the dates and plan to join us!

Monday evening, July 10th, will feature a 75th Anniversary banquet. Even if you cannot come for the whole week, we encourage you to consider making your way to St. Cloud, Minnesota for this grand event. There will be an option for purchasing “banquet only” tickets on the registration form. It will be worth the trip! Join us in praising God for the 75 years of CCCC history, praying for the planning of our 2023 Annual Gathering, and seeking God’s direction for the future of our Kingdom work. See you in MN!

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