New England in the Face of COVID-19


We are all adapting in these unprecedented times to work within the confines of social distancing amid a world of need. Never has there been a greater need for the good news of Jesus Christ.

Our members have been keeping the faith and fellowship that unites us as Christians. During the “stay-at-home” orders, I have shared in some Sunday services of our NE member churches.  I have sung out in my living room, prayed and been ministered to by the pastors from New England.  I have joined Zoom Bible Studies and seen how we are missing each other.

Our Area Pastors and Community Pastors are holding their meetings online as well.  My time on the road has been replaced with virtual meetings.

Leaders have found creative ways to minister, reporting that online services have more viewers than their in-person worship attendance.

One of our churches is doing “C-P-R.”  Their Deacons have  been given a group of people in the congregation and they are 1) calling them regularly to see how their doing; 2) praying with them; and 3) reporting back to the pastor as to their needs. C-P-R: Call, Pray, Report.

In some ways this season has brought us all closer to each other and closer to God. Aslan is on the move!

Church Planting in the Shadow of COVID-19