NE Regional Pastor Receives Grant


Greetings to my fellow frozen chosen out here in the wintery North. I have some warm news for you in this cold season. The CCCC has been made the beneficiary of a matching grant for my travel expenses in the Northeast.

Given by a foundation that believes and supports the CCCC mission in New England, the grant will guarantee $7,000.00 toward my expenses and will give an additional $5,000.00 if that amount is matched.

Over the next year, if you make a donation to the Conference earmarked for the Northeast Regional Pastor, me, this grant will match those funds up to $5,000.00. This is such a blessing to the Conference and to my ministry.

All four of the Regional Pastors who serve the pastors and churches of the Conference are dependent on the support of their area churches. I encourage you to include giving on a regular basis to the Conference and to the Regional Pastors ministries.

I look forward to seeing you on the road as we co-labor for the Lord in this beautiful place.

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