Talking with Your Church Board about Giving


If your church is like my church, the budgeting season has begun! With fall here, it is that time of year when many churches start praying and discussing about what resources will be needed to carry out ministry in 2020. We are so thankful for the abundance of generous churches in the CCCC who are contributing to the work of God across America. Thank you! At our annual gathering, as chair of the Stewardship team, I had the opportunity to share about ways you can advocate for the ministry funding needs of the CCCC in your local church. Let me share those again as we approach the financial planning season:

1. Encourage “mission” giving to the CCCC. At my church, we categorize giving to the CCCC in the area of missions, not administrative dues. Why? We want our DNA to have an outward vision, rather than being about what we receive. Healthy churches have an outward focus! Do you realize your giving to the CCCC blesses over 300 churches – new and old across the US seeking to make disciples?

2 Discuss the Vision Budget and the 2% Mission Challenge. We are mailing a stewardship brochure to every church and pastor which details the ministry funding plan for the CCCC. This plan specifically enables the Regional Pastor vision, and our ministry priorities of church revitalization and planting. This is the vision that we are moving towards and need every CCCC church to be a part of together. (If you need more copies of the brochure) please contact the Home Office:

3. Pray about a specific amount. Evaluate your current giving. Where is God calling you to stretch as a church? Where do you stand with the 2% mission challenge? What faith giving goal is God calling you to? I have found over the years it can actually be exciting to talk and pray about this as a church board. Again, 2% of your operating fund is the challenge that the CCCC has issued. Some churches are giving way above that percentage. Some have far to go which is ok! But if every church gave 2% of its operating fund, we would be able to fund the ministry plan God has for us as a conference. What specific giving amount will be the target this year for your church?

4. Talk with your regional pastor. If you need help in thinking how best to approach your board, give your Regional pastor a call, text or email. They have lots of experience in the pastoral role and working with church boards. You can also contact any of us on the Stewardship Committee (Pete Balentine, Loring Carpenter, or Larry Stroble) and we would be happy to talk with you.

In the adventure together, Pete

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