Engaging with the CCCC


Getting engaged in the life of our Conference is an expression of our value of “A Community of Shared Life and Shared Mission.” While we value autonomy as an expression of Biblical Congregationalism, we do not believe that independence is a part of our Congregational heritage. I recently shared that,

“…In this generation, being a part of a denomination is more about friendship than it is affiliation.”

I am continually encouraged by the friendships and partnerships with members of our fellowship.

Here are a few tips on engaging with the CCCC.

  • Attend CCCC gatherings at a local, regional and national level. Our annual gatherings are designed to encourage you and equip you in your service of our Lord Jesus. Many of our regional fellowships sponsor meetings and retreats for fellowship and instruction. We are developing Pastoral Communities where pastors meet regularly for prayer and mutual encouraged.
  • Stay abreast of the ministry and ministry of our Conference. We provide weekly Foresee Updates to keep you informed on what’s happening in our fellowship. The bi-monthly Foresee newsletter expands on this and includes stories of God’s work in the CCCC. Our website provides an overview of our ministry and news of coming activities.
  • Use your gifts to strengthen the ministry of our Conference. There are places where you can serve as we develop our priorities of Church Development, Church Multiplication and Conference Care. We have an active and engaged Board of Directors and committees that oversee our activities. There are also ways that you can provide leadership on a regional and local level.
  • Pray regularly for our Conference. Our ministry relies on the mighty hand of God and the work of His Spirit. We provide an annual prayer guide and encourage our member churches to hold a Conference Sunday to pray for our ministry.
  • Be a regular financial contributor to the CCCC. Our ministry is worthy of your support and you will be blessed through your giving. We trust that our pastors and churches understand that giving is more than paying dues. We believe that your giving is an investment in God’s kingdom work and we strive to be faithful stewards in that work.
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