God’s Global Missions Force

deancarlson-webDr Dean Carlson, President, One Challenge International, CCCC International Worker

One of the stunning stories of the Great Commission is the turning of the Naga people to Christ. Some 144 years ago, the gospel first came to this head-hunting tribe in the distant hill country of NE India. The love of the Father poured out, and in a relatively short amount of time the movement rippled through their animistic villages. Thousands of Nagas laid down their weapons at the cross of Christ.

A hundred years later, a revival inspired the Naga to further embrace God’s heart for the world. At that time, Naga churches made a covenant to send out 10,000 missionaries beyond their cultural boundaries with the good news of Jesus.

For the past quarter century, OC has been helping to fulfill this vision. Gripped by the vision of sending Naga missionaries, Dr. Phuveyi Dozo (OC Global Alliance) started the United College of Theology and Missions (UCTM) in 1992. So far, 500 Naga missionaries have been trained at UCTM and are serving across Asia and around the world. Interestingly, OC’s Nepal team is comprised of Naga workers.

carlson1116_page_1_2The third week of this month, Kathie and I have the joy of visiting Dr. Dozo and the team in Nagaland. I’ll be speaking at the twenty-fifth anniversary celebration of the UCTM, and both of us will speak at the Great Commission Kid’s Academy. We are excited to affirm this vibrant expression of God’s global mission force. Dr. Dozo, UCTM staff, and students are pictured above.

Currently, we’re moving through Indonesia and the Philippines with OC partners and potential recruits on a vision trip. OC has played a significant role in the growth of the Church in the Philippines for the past 50 years through the Discipling a Whole Nation (DAWN) movement. The church in this nation has experienced remarkable growth, multiplying from 5,000 churches in 1975 to 75,000 churches today. The Filipinos are now working toward a national goal of 120,000 churches by 2020. Our work in Southern Africa was inspired over the years by watching God at work in the Philippines.

carlson1116_page_1It was in the Philippines in 1985 that Kathie and I first dove into missions together (pic). God worked deeply in our lives as a young married couple, using trials (typhoid, theft, and accident) and fruitfulness to confirm our shared calling. We’ll be visiting OC teams serving in Manila and Davao (site of recent terrorist bombing) from November 5-12
Would you pray for the Lord to bring encouragement to those we meet, and for his empowerment as we minister in Nagaland? Pray also for the Lord to protect and move the hearts of our traveling companions by his work in these special places

We’re so grateful for your friendship, your prayers and your financial investment in our ministry. It’s teamwork like yours that is taking the gospel to places where Jesus is not yet known!

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