Changes and Opportunities

Berne, PA St Thomas Church
Dan Luce
Bethune, CO
Greeley, CO
Salem, CT
Sherman, CT
Thomaston, CT
Parkersburg, IA
Blue Island, IL
Peoria Heights, IL
Peru, IL
Boxford, MA
Georgetown, MA
Heath, MA
Wilimington, MA
Kittery, ME
Hollandale, MN
Shorewood, MN
Mitchell, NE
Goffstown, NH
Seabrook, NH
Lakeview, NY
Marietta, OH
Vermillion, OH
Wellington, OH
Chicora, PA
Chepachet, RI
Chesapeake, VA
Suffolk, VA
Wilton, WI
Hope Congregational Church *
St. Paul’s Congregational Church *(Part-time Associate Pastor)
Congregational Church (Part-time Youth Pastor)
Sherman Congregational Church* (Part-time Youth Pastor)
First Congregational Church
First Congregational Church* (Teaching & Missions Pastor)
Evangelical Community Church*
Peoria Heights Congregational Church*
First Congregational Church
First Church of Boxford* (Minister to Youth & Family)
Byfield Parish (UCC)
Union Evangelical Church of Heath (Part-time)
Wilmington Congregational (E Free)
First Christian Church* (Part-time)
Hollandale Congregational Church* (Part-time)
Minnewashta Community Church*
Federated Church*
Congregational Church of Goffstown*
Rand Memorial Church*
Lakeview Community Church *
St Paul’s Evangelical Church (EA)
Vermillion E&R Church* (Part-time music director/keyboardist)
United Church of Huntington*
St Paul’s Community Church*
Chepachet Union Church
Rosemont Christian Church*
Cyprus Chapel Christian Church *
Faith Congregational Church*

*= Conference Member

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