Entertaining Angels


Do not forget to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some people have shown hospitality to angels without knowing it. Hebrews 13:2

Our Annual Gathering in Carlsbad California presented an opportunity for a number of ‘firsts’ for Karlotta and me. Our first time eating at an In-N-Out Burger! Our first time at the San Diego Zoo. Our first time in the Pacific Ocean.  This was also our first Annual Gathering that we have attended that was held at a CCCC Church.  In true California fashion, the Carlsbad Community Church laid out the red carpet and proceeded to treat us as family who had traveled from afar.

habit registration diningOur gracious hosts provided hospitality in the form of meals, a spacious meeting place, transportation and in some instances housing.  They provided an environment that encouraged us to be together at mealtimes which created an intimacy not normally experienced.  Instead of being able to connect with a few people over the course of the week we were able to break bread with different pairings of people at each meal.

mike dan A&RMany of the folks this year were first time attendees and some mentioned to me how welcome they felt and how they were able to connect with like minded brothers and sisters. We were encouraged to share our God Sightings all throughout the conference. Many of these came from the times around the tables and in conversation with newly made friends. Others came from our adventures out into the beautiful nearby community. We ventured into a taco stand and met a mother and daughter committed to Christ. They were very excited to meet us as well and excited that this Christian conference was being held in their community.  While walking thought the village looking for ice cream, we met another mother and daughter who talked with us about their mission trip to Russia. It seemed everywhere we went God has gone before us and we were graced by hospitality.

todd&walterThe theme of our Conference was “It’s Harvest Time.” Certainly all the speakers and presenters taught well on this subject and there were many takeaways from us to go back and implement in our various ministry settings.   What better way can there be of reaching the Harvest Field, than displaying Christian hospitality— the type of hospitality that was displayed throughout our Annual Gathering. There’s no doubt in my mind it remains on display in our Conference all year!

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